Organization Membership

SNEB supports the vital work of the food and nutrition education profession through programs and services that aid members’ efforts to achieve our shared vision regardless of their clients’ age, income or life circumstances. As a non-profit organization, the Society seeks philanthropic support and partners who understand the importance of reaching people at every stage in life to positively impact their overall nutrition and health.

We value the free exchange of ideas, opinions and research that advances knowledge in nutrition and health. These ideas provide a unique forum for your organization to experience innovative strategies in nutrition education, as well as allow you to participate in expressing a range of views on important nutrition issues. We invite you to become involved in the Society and our Foundation.

The work of each SNEB member extends far beyond that of the individual professional that belongs to the Society. Our members touch the lives of hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands, of individuals each year. This audience is invaluable to any organization trying to reach the nutrition education community.

Before beginning the process to join, please have the following information available for the two members of your organization that will be listed as contacts:

  1. The type of individual membership each will 
  2. The name and email address for each member
  3. The division(s) each person wants to be a part of

If you have any questions about membership or our application, please contact our office at or by phone at 317.328.4627.

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