Application for Membership

Please complete the following application to the best of your ability. If you are uncertain how to answer any specific question, please contact the NCAC office for assistance. ( or 317.328.0642.) 

The name listed and referred to as the “applicant” on this form is the company (or business unit within a larger company) applying for membership into the NCAC. This may be the name of a larger organization that includes the acoustical consulting staff, provided such larger organization does not include other acoustical consulting staff that is not part of the NCAC membership. In such cases, the name must be specific to the staff accepted for NCAC membership. The applicant’s name is not the name of an individual person unless the company name or business unit name happens to be the name of a person.

 Applicants must meet all requirements in Article II.B and II.C of the NCAC Bylaws in order to be accepted as a Firm Member of NCAC.